Daily Feline Prompt: Beneath the Herbs

Go to the nearest patch of earth. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.


“Tabby, can you move, I have to tell everyone on my pawpad what I can see from the window and you are blocking my view.”

“Excuse me Fluffy, but do not disturb, I am trying to sleep.”

“Then tell me what you can see.”

“I see nothing because I have my eyes closed.”

“Then open them so that I can write all about it.”

“Fluffy, do you not have anything better to do with your time than write descriptions of what you see.”

“Ok, then I will tell everyone that I can see Tabby who is rolled up on Mrs. Human’s herb garden with her eyes closed pretending to sleep.”

“I am not pretending to sleep Fluffy. I am sleeping.”

“If you were sleeping you would not be able to talk to me.”

“I am only able to talk to you because you woke me up. Just to keep you quite, you can write I can see three ants pulling a leaf along the ground, a worm that is squirming across the roots of a plant and an earwig that has decided to go to sleep under a leaf. A bug has just buried itself in a mound of earth and there is a fur ball nearbye. Is that your fur ball Fluffy.”

“Oh, I think it might be. I deposited it this morning.”

“Next time bury it, it is very unpleasant to sleep next to a furball. Do you need more information?”

“I think that will do Tabby. Can I take your photo with my online pawpad just to complement this blog I am writing.”

“OK, but do not show my face. I prefer to remain anonymous on this blog stuff.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Beneath the Herbs