Daily Feline Prompt: Juxtapositional Feline


“Help Mrs. Human, hiss hiss, meowow.”

“What is the problem Tabby, why so much noise.”

“Take it away Mrs. Human, I am being attacked. There is a ferocious intruder in my territory looking at me whilst I am sleeping. I am doomed, I must kill it before I am killed.”

“Nonsense Tabby, it is your reflection in the mirror.”

“What is mirror, I do not like mirror, it is an invasion of the third kind. It must die, kill it.”

“I will remove it, look. Tabby where are you going. There is no need to leap in the air and disappear beneath a chair.”

“It is hiding somewhere, I am sure. Nothing more is safe in this human world.”

“But it is only a mirror. I was trying for a photo for your daily paw. It has to do with juxtaposition.”

“I do not like juxtaposition if it means an invasion into my territory. Perhaps it is good that these daily feline prompts are coming to an end. Then life can go back to normal where I sit and sleep, or pose for the camera and all my followers in pawbook clap and make meows. These words are dangerous, they are moving in on my territory. Kill that mirror thing, it will absorb us all.”

“But Tabby”

“No buts, juxtapositions are a dangerous thing.”

As a mere human I would say never show the cat that owns you a reflection in a mirror. They do not understand what they are seeing and Tabby is still recovering from her shock. She is now outside.

Daily Feline Prompt: Juxtapositional Feline

20 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Juxtapositional Feline

  1. Best healing wishes, Tabby! Lucy totally ignores her reflection in the mirror, although as kittens, both she and Jules did wonder about the other cats. Perhaps its her great age, as well as the fact she is more interested in getting a drink from the sink at that time.

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  2. Hopefully a bowl of Tuna will be waiting for you when you have recovered from the shock and eventually come back inside..x😻🐾🐾

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  3. Dear Tabby — My former canine, Lily T. Wolf, looked in my full length mirror the day we moved into the house and saw a Siberian Husky. Then she walked around behind the door where the mirror was hanging to find that nice dog to play with. Another canine/feline difference, I guess. Yr Pal, Martha

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  4. Porsche has never shown any concern regarding mirrors (until surgery and he had to wear a cone ) which seems to have destroyed his self image. It was amazing to witness and I felt terrible, but it had to be so he didn’t disturb the injury. The other cats (one made fun of him constantly) the other was afraid of him. I guess in kitty land that cone sent quite the message!

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    • Wear a cone? One of those instruments invented by the vet. I am sure the vet was behind my problem today. He wants to infiltrate my world with another Tabby. This Tabby even had the same Macdonalds “M” on the forehead. I hope word about this invader in my territory does not get around to the other cats in the neighbourhood, otherwise I will also become a joke.


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