Daily Feline Prompt: Feine Ceremony


The daily photo ceremony. How these photo sessions get on my nerves and with 9 lives less 4, I have even more nerves. Sometimes I just want to have a few minutes to myself, to be left with my thoughts and theories on the meaning of nine lives, but no. I have to have a photo taken.

Today was an eventful day. I spent the night outside, which for me is not night really, just something different. I cannot understand why humans always sleep at night, they miss all the fun. The ground is teeming with insects, they have to fight for space. The problem with humans is they avoid insects where they can, they don’t even eat them. I am often a transport service for various ants and they are very grateful. Their little legs tire quickly when they  have to walk great distances.

This morning I was awakened by noise in my home, the humans were again active, although Mrs. Human was still in her sleeping cushion. I decided to join her for a few minutes and so she moved over to make room for me as it should be. Eventually she too arose and whilst I searched for a new sleeping place she made herself busy with freshening my food bowl, renewing my water and making my recycling tray more suitable for my needs. There is nothing like human slavery for stressed felines like myself.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Ceremony

18 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Feine Ceremony

  1. I receive everyone’s blog posts through email and for some reason all of yours went to my Junk folder. Don’t worry, Tabby–Mrs Human’s were in the Junk folder, also. I have rescued them and all should be fine now.

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