Daily Feline Prompt: Awkward Feline


“Tabby you are sleeping your life away.”

“Have you a better suggestion Mrs. Human. I am exhausted and am still recovering from my shock.”

“You had a shock? And it was such a wonderful afternoon.”

“It was one stress situation. Did you see it, a human kitten appeared. It was on the floor and creeping.”

“Of course Tabby, it is too small to walk.”

“But it was occupying my territory. The floor is my kingdom and there is not room for two of us. And did you hear it meow?”

“Of course, is that a problem?”

“It nearly split my ear drums. I gave it a hiss and it ignored me and began to creep closer.”

“Don’t make such a fuss Tabby, nothing happened and you are still in one piece.”

“Or course I am, I decided  to retreat until the coast was clear. It was either the human kitten or me. I was sure it was aiming for my fur, its paws were outstretched. And now I must recover. Is the human kitten now gone Mrs. Human? Can I relax or shall I find another place to hide.”

“Tabby, don’t be such a kitten yourself. You are a wise feline and I really see no danger from a human baby.”

“Typical, no consideration for a feline. I now have to take a long sleep to recover from the shock. It was a very awkward situation. I was being attacked and I was defenseless. Has it gone forever?

“No Tabby, it will visit us again.”

“Let me know when that I can take precautions the next time.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Awkward Feline

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