Daily Feline Promt: Feline Betrayal

“Tabby your tuna fish is ready in the kitchen.”

“I know, I saw it.”

“Are you ill Tabby? It has been there for at least 5 minutes and you havn’t touched it.”

“I am waiting for the rest.”


“Yes, where is the juice?”

“No juice Tabby. You only drink the juice and leave the fish for later. I also read that the juice from the canned tuna is not good for felines.”

“I think that is a decision I must make Mrs. Human. I decide what is good for me. I am served hard vitamin pellets because they are supposed to be good for me, and now you remove my right of having juice in my tuna.”

“But you still have the fish.”

“Which is dry without juice.”

“Well there is only one solution Tabby,”

“You mean add the juice to the fish.”

“I was thinking of cancelling the tuna fish, and just serving vitamin pellets which is a full value food for felines.”

“I want my juice with the tuna fish, it is not the same without. It is like a human would eat ham without eggs. The juice is necessary to complement the dish.”

“But you do not eat eggs.”

“Don’t change the subject. Tuna fish and juice must be served together, otherwise I will go on a hunger strike.”

“What are you doing Tabby.”

“Manufacturing a hairball, a big one, as revenge.”

“OK, here us your tuna fish juice as starter. I was just having a joke.”

“Mrs. Human the word “joke” does not exist in meow and my facial muscles are not capable of creating something like a laugh or smile.”

Daily Feline Promt: Feline Betrayal

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