Daily Feline Prompt: Frantic Feline

“Tabby I thought you wanted to go out. I opened the window for you and now I am getting cold air in our home.”

“I did want to go out, but decided to think about it first of all.”

“What do you have to think about Tabby, Either you go or stay.”

“That is the problem Mrs. Human. If I go it might rain and I will get wet. I might suddenly be thirsty or hungry, and I could even have a fight with another feline. If I stay it means that I will not have the chance to discover what is happening outside. Of course I could have a sleep, a scratch, or a wash. There are so many decisions to make.”

“In that case I will shut the window Tabby.”

“No Mrs. Human, that will remove my right of decision.”

“How long will it take you to decide Tabby?”

“That is a very good question Mrs. Human. Making decisions is not easy for a feline. We might make the wrong decision. If I decide to go it could be that we have a deluge, a tree might fall on me, or you might decide to close the window, which means my chances of returning are diminished.”

“You can always return if you go to the other side of the apartment. You have a cat flap which is always open.”

“And then I will have to decide if I want to use the cat flap or not.”

“In the meanwhile our home is full of cold air.”

“Then wear a coat. I cannot just make frantic decisions, they have to be analysed and digested. I think I will sit awhile and ponder, no good rushing into things Mrs. Human. In the meanwhile I will sleep it over, shall I go or not – decisions, decisions, decisions.”

“Yes Tabby, what a frantic life you lead.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Frantic Feline

7 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Frantic Feline

  1. Hi Tabby, at the moment, the sun is shining in my back door so it’s open in case Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog makes the decision to come back inside. It seems it’s difficult for you quadrupeds to make up your minds. Yr. pal, Martha

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  2. Wait a minute, are we talking about Tabby or my cat Meekah. She does the same thing. Meows at the door but then when I open it, she just stands there…usually right in the doorway so I can’t close it again without hitting her with it.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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