Daily Feline Prompt: (In)efficient Feline


Me, inefficient? Never
I wash at least 6 times a day
I sleep in between meals which can be 10-16 hours according if I am hungry or not.
I am always ready to help Mrs. Human by telling her when I have used my recycling tray.
I sharpen my claws regularly on wood, preferably a table leg-
I always deposit my hairballs for everyone to see. I am proud of my hairballs.

I am the most efficient feline in the neighbourhood.
I am so perfect, just look at me. Those innocent eyes and my ears with their unique fur tips.
Mrs. Human does not realise how lucky she is that I adopted her. She now has a purpose in her human life, to care for all my requirements.
Which reminds me, I need a tummy tickle, I must call her to do her duty. See you later, I have important business to deal with.

Daily Feline Prompt: (In)efficient Feline