Daily Feline Prompt: Swallowing Feline


“Tabby are you eating viatmin pellts? I thought you did not like them.”

“It is a matter of interpretation Mrs. Human. These are fresh vitamin pellets, straight from the bag.”

“But they are always fresh, straight from the bag.”

“Wrong Mrs. Human. If you take them from the bag and put them in my bowl, what do you have?”

“Vitamin pellets that are good for you.”

“I know all that, they might be good for me, but they are lacking that certain joie de vivre, that special zing. If I eat the vitamin pellets immediately from the bag, they explode with taste, but if I am not hungry and only eat them some time afterwards, what do I have?”

“Healthy vitamin pellets.”

“No, Mrs. Human, the special something is no longer there. It has disappeared, the punch is gone. They only have their meowful taste when they are fresh. In future I no longer want them in my bowl. You should serve my vitamin pellets a few at a time. When I have swallowed them, you may bring me some more, but fresh from the bag. Leaving them in the dish depletes their appetising values.”

“No Tabby, you always have a bowl full of vitamin pellets and you can eat them when you are hungry.”

“But the taste Mrs. Human.”

“They taste the same, no matter when you eat them.”

“Do you eat your food if it is left in a dish for an hour.”

“That is different Tabby. Human food is freshly cooked.”

“And my viatamin pellets lay in a dish all night and I am expected to enjoy them.”

“Ok Tabby, then I will only fill your dish once a day.”

“On the other paw, Mrs. Human. I will do my best to swallow them, if there is nothing else to choose from.”

“Very good Tabby, I knew you would see my point of view.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Swallowing Feline

12 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Swallowing Feline

  1. I Lucy like them best from the bag, too. When I was little, they came in a bag that was paper and I would bite through the paper to eat them. It was double fun because it made a big mess, too. Now its in plastic and I don’t have as many teeth, so I wait for them to come out the top. I’m with you Tabby, they do taste different.

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  2. Hi Tabby — Mindy would like her vitamin pellets straight from the baga and she’d also like her dish filled continually and she sleeps most of the time. I’m seriously doubting she is really a canine. Yr Pal, Dusty T. Dog

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  3. Today I discovered that our dog Gibbs who will eat anything anytime doesn’t like baked beans. He ate all around the beans, but he wouldn’t eat them. Even for dogs, something there is food they do not like. Fortunately, they like their kibble. I don’t know what I would do if they didn’t!

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    • Perhaps he doesn’t like the effect that beans can have by producing gas, a polite dog. Tabby is a basic meat eater, but has been know to eat a noodle, or a small crumb of pastry,


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