Daily Feline Prompt: Foreign Feline


“Mrs. Human, I have to go to the vet.”

“Voluntarily? Are you ill Tabby?”

“No, I have never felt so good. I need to have a DNA test.”

“A what?”

“All the felines are having it done. Roschti discovered that his ancestors were originally tigers in the Swiss jungle. It shows your true origins and I am sure I am a direct descendent of Bastet and should be worshipped as a goddess. I need more respect.”

“But Tabby, that would cost a lot of money.

“Why is it humans always think of money. Nothing is too expensive for your chosen feline.”

“Ok Tabby, then open your mouth, I have to take a sample of your cells.”

“Does it hurt?”

“No Tabby, just a wipe around with this swab and then I can send it off to the authorities.”

Two weeks later the result arrived.

“Tabby the result is here of your DNA test.”

“What does it say, am I royalty.”

“Not exactly Tabby, something about a Tabby Cat, most probably descended from a normal street cat. They added if you have a Macdonalds M on your forehead, then the blood line is clear.”

“I am something special?”

“Yes, a special Tabby cat, one of the oldest feline races.”

“See I told you. I am royalty, something special. I knew it all the time. I am a feline queen.”

“But Tabby.”

“No buts Mrs. Human, and on your knees when you speak to me.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Foreign Feline

9 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Foreign Feline

  1. Hi Tabby, I think your human was trying to tell you that you’re not only a member of one of the oldest domesticated feline races, but one of the most common. You might want to bow to your human, because she’s — maybe — the only Cockney in Switzerland. Yr pal, Martha

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