Daily Feline Prompt: Patient Tabby

Tabby in cupboard

There she goes again, Mrs. Human calling me everywhere. She shut me in the cupboard, I could have suffocated, even lost a life and she didn’t care. If she leaves a cupboard door open, it is an invitation for a nice long sleep. with no disturbances. When she begins to call my name, increasing the volume constantly, I know that she is missing me. That is her problem of course, I am quite comfortable in this cupboard. It smells good and it is the perfection of comfort, the feeling you get when you sleep on the washing basket.

Here she comes again.

“Tabby, Tabby where are you?”

Now she has a tone of panic in her voice, imagining that I have disappeared forever. Shall I release her from her misery, with a meow? “Meow wow, Meow.”

She has walked on and ignored my cries for help. This could become a problem. Perhaps she will never find me. I will become a skeletal cat, just bones. I will starve, drastic measures are now required. I will have to attack the cupboard. Meow wow, scratch scratch. I can hear her approaching calling my name. “Mrs. Human I am here and suffocating. I am dying of hunger and thirst. ”

“Tabby here you are in the cupboard. I have been searching everywhere.”

“You locked me in the cupboard, robbed me of my freedom, left me to die.”

“Don’t overdo it Tabby, you were only missing for a few minutes.”

“Those few minutes could be a difference between life and death. I had no air, I was suffocating.”

“You look all right to me Tabby, and quite comfortable.”

“Of course, I was putting a brave face on the whole thing, and now you can release me.”

“Tabby I did not lock you in the cupboard. You only need to give the door a gentle push from the inside and it would have opened.”

“That is not the solution, I have to do everything myself. I have certainly lost some weight, look how thin my tail has become. ”

“Looks OK, to me, perhaps you should go and replenish your lost energy with a nice bowl of vitamin pellets.”

“Forget it, I will stay where I am, so close the cupboard door, it is draughty.”

“But I thought…..”

“Forget it Mrs. Human, have rethought the problem.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Patient Tabby