Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Meander


She did it again. My human has locked the window, but this time I cannot get out and take a meander. Yesterday she locked me out in the cold wet weather to die and today she has not opened the window. Here I am scratching on the window pane, reducing my wonderful sharp claws to a stump, but I will get my revenge. I will hop onto her bed and make motions with my claws outstretched. I will pull the threads in her sheets. They will be riddled with holes. And then I will visit my recycling tray and spread its content on her floor. I will scratch the table legs in a sharpening claw action and spread vitamin pellets around my food bowl. And then I will retire. That will teach the human a lesson to ignore my feline rights.

“Did you say something Mrs. Human?”

“Do not make so much noise.”

“I am not making noise, but you have restricted my rights to freedom by sealing my escape to the outside world and territory.”

“But it is raining outside Tabby. Your fur will get wet, you could catch pneumonia and die. I was only thinking of your well being.”

“Oh, I see, in that case I will remain inside and my recycling tray needs cleaning, just saying.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Meander