Daily Feline Prompt: Sudden Feline


It happened again. It was sudden, a shock to my whiskers. She shut me out. It all began in the early afternoon. The sun was shining, the birds were singing (those that survived my attack) and I was ready to go. I took a walk, and then it began to rain. Rain means that water falls from above, which is not the best thing to happen to a feline. It means that our fur gets wet and begins to smell. For this reason we felines prefer water that has settled in puddles. It is lickable, meaning we can drink it and savour its flavours.

It now began it rain, it was a deluge, and so I headed back to my home. You can see the rain drops outside. And what did I find? The window was closed. Mrs. Human had again a malfunction. When her feline owner leaves, the window should be left open for all emergencies and she closed it. She left me to my fate of being submerged in a watery grave. Of course I asked her why she did this and her answer was that it was cold indoors because of the draught from outside.

This is again proof that humans only think of theirselves. They never take us felines into consideration. It is all I, me and myself as far as humans are concerned. They can be so selfish. When I eventually forced my entrance again, she even complained that I was making everything wet with my fur. How egoistic can a human be. I might have to report her to the Society for the protection of wet felines. On the other paw she compensated by serving a bowl of tuna fish, after I threatened her by claw.

Daily Feline Prompt: Sudden Feline