Daily Feline Prompt: Blinking Feline


Of course I blink, even humans blink. However we are being continuously watched by the human species. They are convinced that everything we feline do has a meaning. This is true of course, but these meanings are only known to felines and not for general knowledge.

As an example, Mrs. Human is convinced that when I look at her, it means that I want to share her food. Of course, this is a good thing. She gets a guilty feeling and I get a piece of human food. Any complements to the diet of hard vitamin pellets is always welcome. I am staring at my human with that special look, for one reason only. How can you explain to a human that to be able to read the human mind, by our telepathic qualities, we must analyse their thoughts by staring into their eyes. She would never believe me as humans seem to think they are at the top of the Tree of Life. That might be the case, but we felines are the roots.

Now and again I might blink at Mrs. Human. If she was really looking carefully, she would realise that I often blink: sometimes I blink when I look out of the window, I might even blink when I see a bird in a tree, or a blade of grass. We all have our own methods of focussing our eyes. Mrs. Human is convinced that when I blink at her, I am showing how much I appreciate her and am making an effort to communicate my feelings towards her. I think she read this in a book once “100 ways to understand your feline”. We also have a book in meow “1,000 ways to influence your human” which is much more rewarding. Humans will never really understand us felines and we felines, well we were there first and had enough time to influence the development of the human species.

Daily Feline Prompt: Blinking Feline

5 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Blinking Feline

  1. Now MY kids don’t wait for a “look.” As far as they are concerned … am I near or in the kitchen? That’s good enough. And so begins the leaping and woofing and snuffling and running around me in circles. Hard to resist. They are VERY good.

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    • Canines are so different to felines. Tabby is a fussy eater, she stares at me, gets something, has a sniff, a lick and might eat it afterwards, only might. She even turns her nose up at roast beef. Mr. Swiss is the dog expert in our family – his father had about 6 hunting dogs and there was also a house dog. Apparently they eat almost anything and he was telling me today, they make a lot of noise about it.

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