Daily Feline Prompt: Winsome Feline


I am so beautiful, I look so good
My whiskers would launch ships, I know that they could
I am wasted at home, I am really a star
I should be in Hollywood, but that is too far
Other felines are jealous, because I am good looking
They ask me how I do it and what I have cooking
I tell them it is natural, I was the best in the book
It is the inside values that count, and not just the look
My hear is pure, it could make you weep
The secret is my talent to get enough sleep
23 hours a day and an hour to seek
For a new sleeping place each day of the week

Winsome Feline

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Winsome Feline

  1. All my dogs are currently sleeping. For reasons I do not understand, they sleep most of the day and decide it’s barking time around 11 at night. Since it is too cold outside even for dogs in fur coats, they bark in the living room. Doesn’t bother Garry — can’t hear them. But I hear them. Eventually, I wander out and point out that they can go to sleep. It’s late. They look at me like I’ve got two heads. They are so mean to me!

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    • Perhaps you should visit a canine psychiater to put you in the picture about how a dog’s brain functions. They are not being mean, they are just misunderstood. Tabby only sleeps during the day and wakes to eat. Meowing time sounds like barking time, when humans do not bark, meow or even talk.


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