Daily Feline Prompt: Extravagant Feline


I am not extravagant and am satisfied with the simple things in a feline life. I am not disappointed that Mrs. Human did not buy me the Versace designed food bowl I was looking forward to for Catmas. I managed to swallow my disappointment by ignoring her for two days and making a nice scratch on her favourite armchair. I had to prove my point. It would really not have been a problem for her to have got me my long desired bowl and now she has to have the chair repaired.

Then there was the turkey dinner I was expecting for catmas dinner. OK, it was tuna fish, so I will not complain, but I had to look on whilst Mrs. and Mrs. Human enjoyed their dinner.

However I decided to help her to begin my New Year with the newest range of cat furniture. I sent her the Ikea link from my pawpad. Ikea asked me some time ago for a few suggestions on what a feline needs to be happy and they accepted my ideas. Of course I also had to make it canine compatable. I have ordered a few articles with Mrs. Human’s credit card to save her the time in ordering herself. I am sure she will be happy with my choice.

And now I will curl up on my normal, average cat cushion from the local supermarket. I can see her happy face when my new bed arrives from the Japanese feline furniture shop, also ordered online with Mrs. Human’s credit card. A feline that was once worshipped as a god in the old country, needs a little extravagance in its life now and again.

Daily Feline Prompt: Extravagant Feline

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Extravagant Feline

    • Tabby just moves in on everything. Sometimes the armchair, under the table, and in Summer she takes over the porch from the table to the chairs. And she also takes possession of the bed, but we have it covered. My autistic son does not allow her in his room when he is at home. When he arrives home you see Tabby fleeing from his room.


  1. Dear Tabby, There’s a dog bed Mindy would really like to have but she’s constantly torn between having that and giving up her end of the sofa. Since our human doesn’t buy the bed for her, I keep saying, “Mindy, you don’t have a problem.” Our human keeps things as simple as possible for us so we are free to sleep on pads on the carpeting. Our carpet is Chinese, hand-woven, wool. I don’t think that’s half bad. Yours forever and ever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Meow Dusty
      My home is my bed basically speaking. But you do tend to sleep with the eyes, especially if your spend 95% of your nine lives sleeping. Of course I have a problem, there are not enough beds available here. I dislike repetition in sleeping places. I saw a very nice futon bed in a catalogue but Mrs. Human finds that I don’t need such extravaganza just for sleeping. She does not realise that it is not just sleep but a complete renewal of my feline existence. Sleep is the next best thing to a bowl of tuna fish.
      Tabby T. Cat


  2. Tabby–I think you are wonderfully thoughtful. Think of all the time and trouble you saved Mrs Human from deciding which bed to purchase for you? And what if she picked something……awful? I hope she realizes how very special you are. You really deserve a Versace food bowl…

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