Daily Feline Prompt: Extravagant Feline


I am not extravagant and am satisfied with the simple things in a feline life. I am not disappointed that Mrs. Human did not buy me the Versace designed food bowl I was looking forward to for Catmas. I managed to swallow my disappointment by ignoring her for two days and making a nice scratch on her favourite armchair. I had to prove my point. It would really not have been a problem for her to have got me my long desired bowl and now she has to have the chair repaired.

Then there was the turkey dinner I was expecting for catmas dinner. OK, it was tuna fish, so I will not complain, but I had to look on whilst Mrs. and Mrs. Human enjoyed their dinner.

However I decided to help her to begin my New Year with the newest range of cat furniture. I sent her the Ikea link from my pawpad. Ikea asked me some time ago for a few suggestions on what a feline needs to be happy and they accepted my ideas. Of course I also had to make it canine compatable. I have ordered a few articles with Mrs. Human’s credit card to save her the time in ordering herself. I am sure she will be happy with my choice.

And now I will curl up on my normal, average cat cushion from the local supermarket. I can see her happy face when my new bed arrives from the Japanese feline furniture shop, also ordered online with Mrs. Human’s credit card. A feline that was once worshipped as a god in the old country, needs a little extravagance in its life now and again.

Daily Feline Prompt: Extravagant Feline