Daily Feline Prompt: Cherishing Feline


Ok, I admit it,  I am a bathroom addict. I really cherish the bathroom, it must have been designe by felines for felines. It is the place where I can lay on a comortable mat, and let the warmth pulsate from the floor. It is one of the most comfortable places in the human household (with exception of the kitchen where there is a feeding experience). The main problem with the bathroom is that now and again humans interfere with my privacy.

“Tabby, you interfere with my privacy.”

“Mrs. Human this is my blog and I am writing down my bathroom experiences.”

So where was I, before being rudely interrupted. If Mrs. Human wishes to make use of this bathroom she should wait, but it seems she cannot always wait and so sometimes we must share. Now sharing is not in the feline was of life so we might have a disagreement about whose turn it it to use the bathroom. In the morning Mrs. Human tends to throw water around so I usually keep away, but for the rest of the day it is all mine.

A great advantage of a bathroom is that it is sealed on three sides. This means that I am protected although a door is available for any quick exits. It may be that I hear the magical sound of a tin operner  calling for my attention at my food bowl. This bathroom seems to be related to a box where we felines feel secure.

“Tabby, are you finished, I must visit the bathroom.”

You see there is no respect for a feline when I want to meditate and think about the meaning of life, a bathroom and even a box.

“Mrs. Human, you may enter, there is enough room for both of us.”

I think she has retired to the shower room making negative comments about felines being full of self-importance. Of course we are, bathrooms were built with felines in mind.

Daily Feline Prompt: Cherishing Feline