Daily Feline Prompt: Mild Feline


It’s Catmas at last. Will I get my diamond studied collar, perhaps my Versace designed food bowl, or even the long awaited Swarovski crystal studied catflap? Mrs. Human said I should be glad to have a bowl of food every day, even if it is only hard vitamin pellets.

In the meanwhile I will enjoy thinking about the delicious meals on wings in front of the window in the birdhouse. After all it is catmas and the birds have birdmas I suppose.

And now time to sleep. I have even put out a bowl of vitamin pellets for Santa Cat and a hairball. Oh, I just heard a noise, I think Mrs. Human has discovered my hairball and she is not very happy because she trod on it. I will have to produce another one now. Santa Cat always looks forward to my Christmas hairball.

Daily Feline Prompt: Mil Feline