Daily Feline Prompt: Non-Communal Feline


Pardon the startled look on my feline physiognomy but when I examined the word “communal” in the human meow dictionary, it wa written with a “*” instead of in meow. This means that it is a forbidden word and is never used in the meow language. Not even under special circumstances.

I asked Mrs. Human and she find it a wonderful word, telling of sharing and doing things together. I gave her a few hisses and a paw swipe and told her I never ever want to hear this human word again. I am feline, and felines do not do things together, it is a crime on the feline race. It is all for one (I, me and myself) and one for me, there is no room for including others. Not only is this theme non-feline, but Mrs. Human wrote her own blog and got carried away and published it on my own personal blog site, adding insult to injury. She has deleted it in the meanwhile at the threat of a paw scratch and I now hope it has not been seen by other felines. I would have to hang my whiskers in shame.

As the great Whiskers Shakespeare said “There are more things in heaven and earth, Tiddles,┬áThan are dreamt of in your feline philosophy” and Whisker Shakespeare knew what he was talking about. We felines are lone creatures, and do not share or do anything with others unless it is a cold night, then we might cuddle a little closer to warm the paws. Otherwise remember, felines first. There are even human statesmen that follow this wisdom, were they perhaps originally felines?

Daily Feline Prompt: Communal Feline