Daily Feline Prompt: Calling Tabby


“Meow, meow”



“Meow, Hiss”

“Hiss, Hiss”.

“Tabby what are you doing?”

“Please do not interrupt, I am having a very important telephone conversation with Roschti.”

“With my telephone?”

“It was your telephone, but you now have a new one, so I am using your old telephone.”

“OK, but you do not have to use the loudspeaker, everyone can hear what you are saying.”

“But they cannot understand and that is the main thing. Meow, meow Roschti, meow.”

“What was that?”

“I told Roschti paw on a moment, as my human is being awkward.”

“I am not being awkward, and felines do not speak on telephones.”

“That is true Mrs. Human, we meow on telephones.”

“I thought you did not like Roschti.”

“Of course I do not like Roschti, I cannot stand him, but that is only at close encounters. On the telephone we get on like whiskers on fire. We can hiss and meow and there is no danger from a paw swipe. Just a minute Mrs. Human.

Meow, meow, wowowowowmeow, meeeeeow, owwww.”

“Tabby what was that?”

“I was just saying goodbye, Roschti is getting tuna fish for dinner, what about me?”

“Vitamin pellets, garnished with more vitamin pellets.”

“Meowowowo Wow, Mewwww.”

“Stop meowing in the telephone.”

“I called Roschti back to say if he would like to swop my vitamin pellets with his tuna fish. He said no problem.”

“You mean he actually likes vitamin pellets.”

“Of course he does, but his ancestors were  never worshipped as  gods in the old country, they were the cleaners.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Calling Tabby