Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Compass


“Are you going out or not Tabby?”

“I am thinking bout it Mrs. Human, but it is not an easy decision. Everything is the same colour, completely flat and endless.”

“That’s beause is has snowed and has covered everything in white.”

“Mrs. Human I do not do colours, just shades and this is a mono shade, all the same: bright and dazzling. Open the window, perhaps it has a smell.”

“Snow doesn’t smell, it is just frozen water.”

“No way, water is water, like wet.”

“If you go out and put your paws in the snow, you will find that is also wet.”

“But it’s cold. I am not going to risk frostbite on a claw, it might break. Shut the window again, it is cold outsisde. Although wait a minute, I can see a mark in the snow. Someone has walked across the snow and survived.”

“That was Mr. Human who had to walk to the birdhouse to feed the birds.”

“Did he survive?”

“Of course he did, it is only snow. and the birds need their food. It is difficult to find in beneath the snow”

“Yes, I can only agree. We must feed the birds to enable them to get fat and remain healthy for the kill. My doggy friend Dusty has a sister that loves snow. She rolls in it and walks in it, but dogs are something completely different. That can even sniff snow, says their human. We felines are more into the meaning of life coupled with days spent in the shade of a tree. Imagine a feline rolling in snow, our fur would get wet, not to mention the whiskers getting frozen. I think I will have a sleep for a few hours. If I begin to meow in my sleep it will be a meowmare because of the snow. Wake me gently, I do not want to be absorbed by layers of snow. I might become a feline yeti.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Compass