Daily Feline Prompt: Blissful Feline


It was a hard day’s work and now I have to rest
Sleeping is exhausting and I am not at my best
Humans say I have a good life because I do not work
Of course I am working, I do not have time to lurk
I have to wash continuously and that makes me feel so tired
Afterwards I collapse in a heap, a rest is required
Sleeping is a science that cannot be ignored
It must be done very carefully, and energy must be stored
Whilst I am resting my eyes, I am thinking all the time
Perhaps I might need to scratch, to clear away the grime
And then there is my food, which I have to walk to find
It is waiting in a bowl, Oh the exhaustions of my mind
I do not have an easy life, I must fight for every wish
Mrs. Human bring me food, a bowl of tuna fish

Daily Feline Prompt: Blissfull Feline