Daily Feline Prompt: Silent Feline


I love silence, there is nothing better than an uninterrupted sleep in silence. It would amaze you to realise how humans can be annoying with their voices. There are certain things, I must admit, that I can be envious of humans.

They have opposable thumbs, I know I have said it before, but there are cetain aspects in life that can be unfair. On the other paw, if we had opposable thumbs we would have to do it all by ourself. Imagine emptying my recycling tray, yuck. We felines know why we bury it all after it happens. However, humans have their use, they empty our trays. They even have specially designed emptying devices where the recycled matter remains in the scoop and the accompanying material is returned to the tray. Personally I find if my human would replace the complete tray after each use it would be perfect, but humans like to save time and energy. They can be quite lazy.

I have no chance to save anything I have to do all the brain work for the human. Of course we communicate, at least I communicate, although am often misunderstood. If I scratch at her sleeping cushion door during the night, it means I need and want attention. I am ignored. She does not realise what a disruption this is to my life.

However, I am glad that she does not possess the powers of telepathy as we felines do. Imagine if she could read my thoughts, she would be one paw ahead all the time. Luckily we felines can read the thoughts of a human mind, and I can tell you complete chaos rules in the human mind. We felines are cool and calm, humans are completely the opposite. Their resononing is full of “ifs” and “whens” and “it might be” and “perhaps”. We abolished these words from the meow language centuries ago because we know what we want and our purpose in life is to get it, if we feel like it. Everything else is just a side dish.

Daily Feline Prompt: Silent Feline

6 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Silent Feline

  1. Dear Tabby, Martha here. Dusty, Mindy and Bear have gotten ahold of some cardboard and they’re having a chew-cardboard orgy. Dusty said to tell you to be a little more grateful that a human was willing to take you in, feed and shelter you, clean your litter box and type out your blog for you each day. Your pal, Martha


    • Meow Martha
      Chewing cardboard is for the dogs. I would rather chew on a cat nip or even the dreaded vitamine pellet has more taste than carboard. Sorry Martha, but I am the victim. I was willing to adopt Mrs. Human, to put up with all her doubts and strange human traits. I decided that a human must be useful for something, and then I discovered the opposable thumbs to open tins of tuna fish. She also opens windows for me, although she says I should use the cat flap. Me, a feline, use a cat flap when windows can be opened? In spite of her laziness from time to time, I will keep her. She comes in useful now and again.
      Tabby T. Cat


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