Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Inheritance


I really do not get this inheritance stuff. Looking around me in my home where I let Mrs. Human live as my slave, It all belongs to me in any case. She just makes sure that it fits my requirements. Mrs. Human empties my recycling tray and cleans my food bowl after I have eaten. She is also responsible for my food supplies, although she does not always follow my instructions. It seems I have an inheritance of a large plastic bag filled with vitamine pellets which she fills constantly when my bowl is empty. Yes, when I enter my tenth life she may give them to my arch enemy, Roschti, the feline next door and may he choke on them whilst trying to swallow them, as I almost did now and again.

Of course I have my secrets, Mrs. Human does not have to know everything. Outside in the garden, just beneath a tree, there is a burial ground containing various remains of my digestive system, and a few hairballs. The hairballs are my own private possession and as my ancestors, which were worshipped as gods, my possessions will travel with me to my tenth life. We felines leave nothing behind as I may need it on the next stage of my journey. My litter sister is already living her tenth life, and she sent me a message to say I do not need to take anything with me. It is all there in the eternal corn chambers. All I have to do is keep it mouse free, which is second nature to me.

In the meanwhile I have no intention of leaving my fans with an empty blog and will return tomorrow with more exciting tales from living with the humans and how to deal with them.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Inheritance