Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Theory


I am now having a rest. It was exhausting playing the Whisker concerto with four paws. Mrs. Human found it rather monotonous. Perhaps it was because I was meowing to the tune: no music appreciation.

We felines are not so much into theory. We do not waste time thinking about why or how, we are creatures of action. The basic idea is “if it moves, smells good, kill it and eat it”. Not all moving objects fall into this category. I have never met an appetising spider: too many stringy bits on the legs. A mouse is more tasty, although, only certain parts. And birds, well that is something really special. I prefer them fresh, but a morsel of cooked chicken from Mrs. Human is also appreciated. It is so degrading when I have to sit on the floor and wait for her to notice my pleading eyes. I follow her eveywhere until she donates my deserved reward in the shape of a chicken limb, filleted of course. It is all a matter of human training.

There is no theory, just a matter of commands and obeying humans. A feline sleeps when and where it deems necessary. If a human happens to be on your chosen place, then watch her with the intense look, if she is trained well she will realise it is time for her to choose another place. If she refuses, visit your recycling factor.  She will empty the factory immediately, in which time you will occuply the chosen chair.

There is the theory of the tin opener which you hear before the human has decided to apply it – all in the feline built-in human detection system. You now sit and watch savouring the scent of the tuna fish contents of the tin. A push of the food bowl with the paw in the right direction is also a good clue if the human forgets why she is opening the tin, just to be sure.

As I said this is not theory, we are creatures of action.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Theory