Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Degree


Look at me, closer, concentrate. Do you notice anything? Yes definitely on the left there is a whisker missing. It is quite clear, that the complete construction is destroyed. I have lost a whisker somewhere. It must have been stolen when I was sleeping. It was my favourite whisker which completed the balance of my my good looks. A feline is not a feline with a missing whisker. I am sure it was there before I had my last sleep.

There is now a gap on the left side. On the other paw, I notice that my top whisker on the left side is still protruding at a 180° angle. It should have a balancing whisker on my right side, but that is also missing. The problem with whiskers is that they are not grown in a day, but need weeks of concentration to achieve their necesary length. In the meanwhile I must search for the missing whiskers. Of course there is another solution to the problem.

“Tabby, I just found two of your whiskers in your bowl of healthy vitamin pellets.”

“I must have lost them there. It was probably when I dropped a vitamin pellet and it fell on my whiskers. I told you that vitamin pellets were not good for felines and can be very dangerous. They are so heavy they break my whiskers. I need the whiskers. Put them under my sleeping cushion.”

“I was going to throw them away.”

“No Mrs. Human, if you put them under my sleeping cushion the whisker fairy will arrive in the night and replace them with new whiskers.”

“You mean like the human tooth fairy.”

“Not exactly but almost. Human tooth fairies leave money and the whisker fairy replaces the broken whiskers.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Degree