Daily Feline Prompt: Varnished Feline


We felines are more into removing varnish than adding it. There is nothing more rewarding that a good piece of human furniture. It is an invite for a good scratch and surface removal. Wood should not be varnished, it should be in its natural state and so we felines do our best to improve its artistic value.

Generally the front paws are used and the claws are protruded. With movements from top to bottom on the varnished wooden surface, scratches appear. That is when I take a step back and admire my work from a distance. I also ensure that the scratch marks are artistic and unique. It is the depth and contours that are important. Who knows, one day my work might be exhibited. This is the part that can be precarious. It is better to now disappear for a few minutes until the human has calmed down. They are not keen on finding our marks on their furniture and tend to get quite excited with loud voices and strange body reactions. This is one of those points of disagreement between the species. They have no art appreciation.

There are many remains of my artistic work in my home. However, Mrs. Human tends to regard it as her home and does not appreciate scratches on table legs, or cupboard doors. She very much dislikes my artistic workings on doors and beds.

In the meanwhile I take pride in my sharpened claws, shaped to a nice sharp point. I noticed we have a new piece of wood in my home, know as chair. Now that give me a good chance to extend my art appreciation, but just a moment. It is plastic, and plastic is not so good. I cannot reach a good depth with the markings.

Daily Feline Prompt: Varnished Feline