Daily Feline Prompt: Saintly Feline


Me, of course I am saintly. It is in my whiskers to be saintly. Mum always said “look after yourself first” and I always followed my mum’s words. You should always honour your parents. Unfortunately dad disappeared before I was born, I never knew him. Mum was left on her own with four kittens. She said that kittens only need a dad if they are something special. Something to do with pedigree which my family did not have, so dad was really superfluous. I think mum threw him out. He didn’t like kittens in any case. Probably only thought about himself.

Of course Catmas is now approaching, so good will to all cats etc. and I have been helping Mrs. Human to compile a list of gifts for myself. It is her birthday today, whatever that is, and people are congratulating her and giving her gifts. I decided in that case she has everything she needs. I told her that she may empty my litter tray and fill up my bowl with tuna fish. She now has a purpose in her human life. She was not very pleased about that and I thought that was a wonderful gift.

Tomorrow all the fuss will be over and then she can concentrate on the important things in life, like completing my Catmas wish list. Yes I am a caring feline, and always put my human first in my thoughts to make sure she does not feel unwanted.

Daily Feline Prompt: Saintly Feline

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