Daily Feline Prompt: Relocating Feline


“Thinking about taking a walk Tabby.”

“More than a walk Mrs. Human, I think I will relocate.”

“Do what?”

“Relocate, I am 15 human years old and have lived 4 of my feline lives, having another 5 to go. I want to go places and see things for the remainder. I want to write my memoirs about the exciting and adventurous life I have lead. All I do is sleep and eat and check my territorial boundaries, nothing happens, the excitement is missing. Life is becoming a repetition. I was born for other things: to roam wild, to hunt and fish and climb trees and to become famous for my daring deeds. There is nothing daring about eating vitamin pellets or looking out of a window and thinking about it.

Mrs. Human, I must go. I must experience the real meaning of life.”

“But what shall I do with your collection of catnip mice and all the unopened tins of tuna fish”

“Mrs. Human at times like this in the life of a feline, these are trivial matters. When I put my paw outside the window and take the first step to the unknown¬†it might be one small step for a feline, but one giant leap for my fame and fortune. I will write it all down, meow for meow, can I take your mobile phone with me Mrs. Human? I must illustrate my experiences to show the other felines that remain behind that it can be done.”

“Tabby, where are you going.”

“I will have to sleep it over and I will need something to eat before I go on my way. I think I will postpone the whole thing until tomorrow. I will have to think it all over, It might snow or rain and my fur will get wet. Walking with wet fur is not very plesant. Even the great explorers such as Edmund Paws Hillary did not climb Mount Whiskers without make a careful plan. One day I will go, but keep my bed warm, I might change my mind again.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Relocating Feline