Daily Feline Prompt: Age and the Feline

“Tabby, sleeping again. You sleep your life away.”

“It is not sleep Mrs. Human, it is meditation. Do not forget, I have nine lives, so there is plenty of time.”

“You had nine lives Tabby, but I believe a couple got lost on the way.”

“No panic Mrs. Human, I still have five left.”

“You count your lives.”

“Not really, they count on the big scoreboard in the Kingdom of Bastet. She keeps a record of how many lives we have lived to make sure our 10th life is secured when we arrive, but I am not planning to go anywhere yet.”

“Nice that you have everything so well organised.”

“What are you doing Mrs. Human?”

“I thought if your were so tired, we would call it a day with your daily prompt.”

“No way, just tell everyone that I am exhausted with all the stress and hard work and have decided to rest awhile due to life preservation. My feline friends will understand the problem.”

“I did not realise that you had so much stress.”

“All felines have stress, especially if they have to train a human to assist in their lives. It is exhausting organisation feeding times, ensuring that the water bowl is always filled with fresh water. This morning there was no water outside. I had a worrying five minutes until you refilled my bowl.”

“So sorry Tabby, but it was ice. It was so cold outside the water had frozen.”

“I noticed. Do you know how it feels to have frozen water in a bowl. I was distraught, my world had fallen apart, nobody cared.”

“Tabby you do not have to exaggerate. As soon as I left the bedroom it was the first thing I did.”

“And I had to wait until you left your bed. There I was dying of thirst and you were sleeping. That was almost a reason to lose yet another life.”

“But you survived Tabby.”

“Of course I did. I drank from the water in the kitchen. It was not the same fresh crisp taste as the water outside, but I managed. I always have to manage. I think you should set your alarm clock to coincide with my care time.”

“What about my care Tabby.”

“Human slaves do not have care. It is their purpose in life to care for their designated feline. And now I wish to sleep for the next few hours. You may wake me to the sound of the tin opener.”

“Of course Tabby, always at your command.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Age and the Feline