Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Way


There is only one way and one system to have a good lick. I begin in the lower regions. First of all I search for a nice wide space where I can spread out and relax, Human beds are very suitable, although for some strange reason Mrs. Human always insists on covering her bed with a special cover. She says something about being more hygenic when a cat decides to wash itself. Hygenic does not exist in meow, so i am still thinking about that.

I usually begin in the hidden places with a good hunt for objects that might be there, but should not be there. I then move upwards and now have to employ my paw for a good clean wipe. My mum taught me to lick the paw and move it in regular movements across the whisker region, breathing regularly to spread the effect. There is a very artistic movement of washing behind the ears. I move my wet paw onto the ear and always in a forward movment clean them thoroughly. My mum was very particular about cleaning behind the ears. She said a cat with dirty ears is a lazy cat.

I then do a check to see if there are any place I forgot. Of course the paws. I have a dig with my teeth to remove unwanted matter. It was particularly necessary when the builders were working outside. They were leaving stones and grit eveywhere. I can tell you walking on paws with grit wedged between the claws is not very pleasant.

The whole process takes at leat half an hour and that after every meal and before each sleep. Yes, the life of a feeling is packed full with stress situations. Mrs. Human has the impression that I lead a perfect life, if only she knew. I usually collapse exhausted after washing into a recovery sleep.

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Way