Daily Feline Prompt: Knitted Whiskers


I should really do something to improve my looks
It is time to get modern and cook up some books
My whiskers are drooping, I should give them a whirl
Perhaps I could change them and give them a curl
I have quite a lot, not just a few
They are nothing special, so I will change them to blue
A feline with blue whiskers would be a new thing
I would become famous, it would give me more zing
Let’s knit them together in a wonderful weave
I am sure they would look good and I would deceive
No-one would know me in my new disguise
But Mrs. Human might not feed me, it would not be so wise
I will stay as I am, sweet and innocent is my wish
I have to be me, to get my tuna fish dish

Daily Feline Prompt: Knitted Whiskers

4 thoughts on “Daily Feline Prompt: Knitted Whiskers

    • Meow Martha
      I had a sort of adopted brother, Fluffy. He was a Selkirk Rex, very fluffy and curly. His whiskers were curly but always breaking. They would regrow, but often he only had one or two. He still found his way around and was also blind. Humans do not really know why we have whiskers, so they like to invent stories. The real truth about the whiskers is a feline secret. Humans do not have to know everything.
      Tabby T. Cat

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  1. Take my advice and do not, not, not, change your whiskers. I knew a horse that did that and she lost her whisker radar and got her nose caught on something in a stall as a show and ripped her nose open. In Germany, where I was born it is illegal to trim a horse’s whiskers. I think yours look good anyway. Your friend Biasini the horse.

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