Daily Feline Prompt: Knitted Whiskers


I should really do something to improve my looks
It is time to get modern and cook up some books
My whiskers are drooping, I should give them a whirl
Perhaps I could change them and give them a curl
I have quite a lot, not just a few
They are nothing special, so I will change them to blue
A feline with blue whiskers would be a new thing
I would become famous, it would give me more zing
Let’s knit them together in a wonderful weave
I am sure they would look good and I would deceive
No-one would know me in my new disguise
But Mrs. Human might not feed me, it would not be so wise
I will stay as I am, sweet and innocent is my wish
I have to be me, to get my tuna fish dish

Daily Feline Prompt: Knitted Whiskers