Daily Feline Prompt: Gremlin Feline


“Tabby, have you been on my computer?”

“Of course not, I have my own pawPad.”

“But there are paw marks on the screen and I have a blue screen.”

“Sorry Mrs. Human, blue doesn’t exist in meow, nor does red. We felines were never into colours, but preferred textures. If you had said your computer was feeling slippery, or hairy, even sticky, I might be able to help you, but a blue screen?”

“Tabby a blue screen is when something is wrong with the computer.”

“Well I did have an urge to try it out. There was a game called “catch the mouse” and my pawpad screen was too small for me to capture the mouse. I decided on a real computer it would be more realistic.”


“I caught the mouse, but when I lifted the computer with my nose to see where the mouse had gone, I didn’t find it and it inadvertently, accidentally, fell on the floor, but nothing broke.”

“And now I have a blue screen.”

“Perhaps you should switch it off and try again.”

“Yes thankyou Tabby, that was my idea.”

“And is it working again?”

“Yes it is, you were lucky. What are you doing now.”

“I am still looking for the mouse. Look there is it Mrs. Human, you have saved the day. It is still in the game, but now it is a different mouse. The ears are larger and it is standing upside down.”

“Tabby, paws away from my computer.”

“But I only wanted to find the mouse, Perhaps it is hiding again inside the computer.”

“No, Tabby, go and play with your pawPad.”

“It doesn’t work Mrs. Human, my battery is down.”

“Then recharge it.”

“It takes too long, but your computer is ready and waiting. Oh look,is that funny coloured mouse on your computer screen blue?”


Daily Feline Prompt: Gremlin Feline

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