Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Mercy


“Mrs. Human, how often have I instructed you not to disturb my sleep. I lead an exhausting life, full of stress situations. There is no peace for a feline.”

“But Tabby, I do all the work for you. I empty your recycling tray, fill your food bowl and

always ensure that you have enough water.”

“But I have to organise it all for you Mrs. Human. I am continously writing instructions for your work plan, being in charge of human logistics is not easy.  I was recovering from this daily turmoil that you cause and again there is a camera taking a photo. I had to do my best to smile for all my followers, not to create an impression that I only think of myself, and you think my life is one big round of enjoyment. Just imagine when I awake after my 16 hours sleep, how my eyes can barely open. My legs feel as if they are weighed down and it is all I can manage to drag myself to the food bowl. And what awaits me there, hard vitamin pellets that need more energy to chew. I manage to foce them down my throat, but it is not easy after an exhausting sleep. All you do is open a bag and top up my bowl with more dreaded pellets and I have to eat them. Do you realise what that means for a hard working feline like myself. I almost have no time to have a good lick.

Do you wash me Mrs. Human? No, of course not, it is all my own hard work. From the tip of my ears to the spaces between the claws. Not to mention certain places on my body that are really difficult to lick. I collapse with exhaustion when I am finished, and you are convinced that I do nothing all day and take the credit for all the hard work.”

“Tabby, I really think you are overdoing it. I keep your living quarters clean.”

“And how you do it. I am subjected to torturous noises on my ears because the monster, known as vacuum cleaner, is applied. Mrs. Human you should really take more consideration of my feelings. And now go and do something  useful and quiet like opening a tin of tuna fish.”

“But I though the noise might disturb you.”

“Disturb you, it is like a symphony of luscious relaxing notes as the handle is turned on the opener and pierces the lid of the tin in a gentle way, not to mention the aroma of the  juices rising from the fish. So now get on with it, I have not got all day to wait for a decent meal, I have a few hours to spend in a restful sleep recovery session. You should really have more mercy on the feelings of a poor hardworking feline.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Mercy