Daily Feline Prompt: No Feline Sludge


I don’t like sludge, I like to keep my paws clean. I lived amongst sludge for a complete summer, my world was destroyed by humans dressed to produce sludge. It all began with a large metal cage around my territoriy where the humans would climb and produce sludgy pieces of sludge. I am sitting on a stone which is an island amongst the sludge. You can see the mess. When it rained it was more sludge and it would stick on the fur.  I spent all my time cleaning my paws. There is nothing worse than taking a walk and suddenly something digs into your paw. It needed a complete manicure with teeth to get my paws into walking order again and removing the gritty pieces of sludge.

Even Mrs. Human complained about my paw marks everywhere on her stone floor. It was not my fault, but the sludge. I actually found the paw marks quite artistic, but she has no sense of design, especially when I left the marks on her favourite chair. It was also my favourite chair, but that did not seem to bother her. She can be very possessive.

This is all now in the past. The sludge has disappeared and life is almost back to normal. I just avoid the water when it comes from above.

Daily Feline Prompt: No Feline Sludge