Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Atmospherics


I was sitting in front of the window pondering whether to leave or not and Mrs. Human opened the window as she was trained to do. After a time spend debating whether to go or not, I decided to leave my home, although there was a slight doubt whether it was the right decision. This was a mistake as my stupid human closed the window. She left me no choice, and I was shut out. After a few desperate meows no-one appeared at the window. She had left me to my fate.

It was typical human, no patience. Just because I happen to sit next to a closed window and make a few paw swipes it does not mean I want to go out, it means I am thinking about it and the thought process can be somewhat complicated.

I might look like I want to leave, but there are many factors to be taken into consideration. Perhaps leaving is not my real wish but I am just testing atmospherical conditions with my whiskers. Is there a friendly atmosphere waiting for me? Are there perhaps other felines with territorial problems waiting to pounce? Perhaps the birds will fly as soon as they see me. Is that sky safe, will it fall on my head? I sniff to see if there is water in the air which might attack me when I leave. I look in the distance and hear strange noises, who knows what might happen if I go further. Just as I decided not to go Mrs. Human closes the window and leaves me with no choice.

The silly human does not realise that things are not based on a sudden whim in the feline world. We have to think things over. Mrs. Human complains about the cold draught coming through the window, but I find it a whiff of fresh air. Just becaue I sit for a while and contemplate the safety of my future by leaving or not, it does not actually mean that I want to leave my home, I am thinking about it.

Typical human, I so hate stress in my feline life. Oh well, I have no choice but to walk around the home and enter through my cat flap on the other side.

“Oh Tabby, you are back again. I thought you wanted to go out.”

“Mrs. Human, do not think so much, it is not good to overtax you brain.”

“But you were sitting in front of the window waiting to go out.”

“All a matter of interpretation Mr. Human.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Atmospherics