Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Neophyte


“Tabby what is the matter?”

“I had a dream that today was different to yesterday.”

“It usually is Tabby. Nothing stays the same.”

“But not for a feline. We prefer a normal daily routine with no new events. Every day a bowl of tuna fish.”

“That would not be healthy Tabby you need a change of diet now and again.”

“Diet does not exist in meow Mrs. Human and neither does healthy. What is that in my food bowl?”

“It is time for some vitamin pellets. They make your eyes nice and shiny and put a spring in your step.”

“I do not want to spring, prefer to paw my way and who needs shiny eyes. Forget it. I prefer my routine, the same every day. All new ideas are not good for felines, a cause for a whisker breakdown. All I want is a peaceful sleep for 10-12 hours, perhaps longer, and food when I awake and a clean recycling tray. Just do your job Mrs. Human and then you have a relaxed feline.”

“But I am sure a change in your routine would be good for you.”

“Here we go again with that good for you rubbish. I do not need a change in anything, same time, same place and same food.”

“You should really go places and see different things.”

“Any suggestions?”

“Outside you could get some fresh air and I am sure the feline next door would like to accompany you on a walk.”

“A walk? Felines do not walk together, we prefer to have territorial discussions.”

“You mean you decide where the borders of your territory are.”

“Something like that Mrs. Human, but we do not talk about it. We felines are more creatures of action. If another feline steps with one paw over my boundary, I defend it to the last hiss and scratch.”

“And the other feline?”

“Also defends to the last hiss and scratch.”

“But it would better to discuss your problems.”

“Of course, I always do. It is nothing new to me. I just run through the cat flap and find a place where I can sleep it over.”

“But the other feline could move into your territory in the meanwhile.”

“That will not happen Mrs. Human, for that I have my own private human bodyguard.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Neophyte