Daily Feline Prompt: Cat strut


Here I am taking a strut around the landscape. The sign says that I am not allowed to walk on the building site, but I do not see a building site, just lots of wonderful grass where it all happens in the depths. I can even smell mouse, meaning that they are alive and waiting to fall into my welcome paws.

It is always the fun things in a feline life that are forbidden. As it is a human signpost it cannot be meant for me as we all know felines must have their own signs written in meow. It also says that no-one will accept responsibility if there is an accident. I have never fallen on a blade of grass so there is no danger.

And now I can hear something. A tin opener is being applied somewhere in the distance. I now have a choice, wait and pounce on a mouse if it appears, or walk home to a bowl of instant tuna fish with all of its delights. You see, yet another mouse life saved but I will be back.

Tabby walking in the garden 31

Ad here I am again, this time in the snowy landscape. Yes I am very versatile, but nothing present a problem for me. I am the champion strutter, although I prefer to avoid the white stuff, it tends to freeze my paws.

Cat Strut