Daily Feline Prompt: Faint Feline


“Look into my eyes Mrs. Human.”

“Do what?”

“Look into my eyes, forget the world around you, just drift away.”

“But Tabby I have things to do.”

“Mrs. Human, this is a scientific experiment to prove that we felines are the masters of the universe.”

“I really havn’t got time for your games at the moment Tabby. Tabby, stop looking at me like that, you are making me feel faint, faint, faint …….”

“So done it, another proof of the feline powers of mind over humans. When I sharpen my claws on the table leg you will awake and forget everything that happened.

Mrs. Human you will now go the kitchen and take the tin opener from the cupboard.

So far so good, although she seems to be doing a sort of moon walk.

You will now take a tin of tuna fish and open it with the tin opener. Empty the contents, with the juice into the food bowl. You will now go back to your armchair.

So far so good and now to indulge in my favourite food. I think I will wait with the sharpening of the claws on the table leg until I have finished my meal.

Now that was delicious, time to sharpen the claws.”

Mrs. Human wake up, Mrs. Human. She is still in her trance, perhaps I did something wrong somewhere. Mrs. Human”

“Aw, you didn’t have to scratch me, I know perfectly well what is happening. Did you enjoy your tuna fish.”

“You remember it all.”

“There was nothing to forget, I just wanted to see how it would work with your hypnotism.  I didn’t want to disappoint you, you were trying so hard. How was my moon walk.”

“Mrs. Human, I am not talking to you.”

“I thought it was all mind over matter, my mind and your matter of tuna fish.”

“Forget it, I will have to have another look in the Feline manual of “How to control your human”, there must be a mistake somewhere.

Daily Feline Prompt: Faint Feline