Daily Feline Prompt: Proxy Feline


It’s I, me and myself, definitely. There is no feline with such good looks as mine. My proxy has not yet been born. The perfect “M” structure on my forehead. You cannot see it, Of course not, you must have an artistic flare for such details, and of course not every Tabby “M” is the same as the others. Mine is particularly well designed: note the variations in the shades of light and dark.

My eyes are also very individual. The right touch of green in the right place to enhance my beauty even more. And that nose, such a perfect triangular wonder of dark pink, edged by a superb white shade of fur beneath. I could look in the mirror all day, and still discover more marks of individual beauty in my features.

The whiskers: yes I know they are unique: each one in its own way. An example of the perfect construction of the feline. Some say the whiskers are to judge the width of where we are going, mine enhance my beauty even more.

“Tabby, have you nothing better to do that stare into the mirror.”

“Of course Mrs. Human. Perhaps you could take a few photos for my private album. I need to add a new ones to my profile on Pawbook.”

“What again, you change your photo every day on Pawbook.”

“That is to preserve my beauty. do you think my claws need a trim. the right claw on my left paw is longer than the others.”

“Than go and sharpen it on a tree somewhere.”

“Do what? I really deserve something more. Perhaps you could make an appointment with the cat groomer.”

“No Tabby, that is too expensive.”

“Money is no object, when it concerns my beauty Mrs. Human.”

“Go and scrape your claw on a tree, it is cheaper.”

Your see the consideration I have to preserve my natural beauty. No support from my human. Ok mirror I will leave you but I will be back.

“Mrs. Human”

“Yes Tabby”

“Perhaps you could clean the mirror, it is preventing my pefect reflection.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Proxy Feline