Daily Feline Prompt: Pawing Motions

What’s messier right now — your litter box or your pawpad (or your favorite device’s home screen)? Tell us how and why it got to that state.

Pigs at Anita's Farm

“I beg your pardon.”

“Are you annoyed Fluffy?”

“Yes I am Tabby. Not only are we getting insulting prompts, but they are even repeats. Now they are insinuating that I have a mess. I never have a mess.”

“Neither do I Fluffy, but that is because we have a human slave that clears mess away. It is the purpose in their life.”

“Of course Tabby. My pawpad is never messy. OK, now and again it might have a few paw marks, even a tiny little scratch from when a claw accidentally decides to go exploring, but humans are there to take care of these things.”

“Someone is comparing our living quarters with a pig sty. I think we should refuse to do these daily feline prompts, they are going a little over the mark.”

“Nobody’s perfect Tabby, even pigs and humans.”

“Just us felines Fluffy, we are perfect.”

“Yes, remember the saying “If a feline did not put a firm paw down now and then, how could his human remain possessed” from Winifred Carriere. And now to put my foot down, it is five minutes since I applied my recycling process in our litter box and it has still not been emptied. “MRS HUMAN……”

Daily Feline Prompt: Pawing Motions

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