Daily Prompt: In Good Feline Faith

Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality — or lack of — for the first time.

Nera with the flowers

Tabby reporting from Mrs. Human’s place. If Nera, my litter sister, were still here, she should would tell us all about doing things in good faith. She left us last year when Bastet beckoned her to join her in the eternal corn chambers. Now and again she returns to let me know all about it. She tells me there are at least one hundred new mice per day appearing, and she has her paws full catching them all, of course in good faith. She said the good thing is that no matter how many she might catch, they are reborn the next day. Now that is feline paradise if there ever was one.

She told me of times when we felines were not especially favoured and she had a few interesting conversations with some black cats that joined Bastet during the middle ages. No-one liked the black cats and instead of being worshipped as Gods, they were persecuted, especially if they were living with some kindly old ladies wearing pointed hats that placed a curse on everyone they did not like. Nera said they have a sort of burnt smell around their fur which lingers.

Nera also told me there are Dogs where she is. They are allowed in through the cat nip gates, as they are the perfect servants. They do everything they are told, and even wag their tails when given a task.

So I must now go, I can hear a bell tinkling somewhere which is a sign that Nera is on her way. She walks through the walls and always brings me some cat mint. It is 100% catmint, meaning that I can really get high on it and Nera has even shown me how to fly, but those things only happen when she is here. She said you just have to have the faith and Bastet takes care of it all.

Daily Prompt: In Good Feline Faith

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: In Good Feline Faith

  1. I’ve always thought our cats and dogs can see into other dimensions. Clifford Simak (City) thought so too. That’s why dogs bark at what is apparently nothing and cats stare at empty places on the walls. They see something. We are the ones who don’t see 🙂

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    • I am convinced that felines are autistic. My son is autistic and I can see the parallels, not that son No. 1 loves cats. They seem to be a necessary bother. If they settle in his room when he is not here, the first thing he does when he arrives home is to remove them.


    • Nera died last year at the age of 12. Her litter sister Tabby is now 13 but is OK. Yes we miss Nera very much. She was the boss. It was only my husband that could touch her. She had very long fur which was permanently tangled and she would sit next to my husband’s computer while he was using it and he always had scissors neabye and would snip away at her tangles, until she noticed it and then it was finished. I stopped writing on my cat page after she left us, but have now begun again and include her in the stories where I can.

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