And Then There Were Two

Two Migros cats

Yes there are two of them, captured on the camera by Mr. Swiss. Visiting the local supermarket is no big deal, but our supermarket  has something special. They do not need a watchdog to keep things under control, they have two cats.

I have written before about the supermarket cat, a proud red/ginger cat that has taken over. He strolls around as if he owns the place, makes himself comfortable on the furniture and of course, his favourite place is in the restaurant. Naturally this does not go unnoticed and he is loved by all. He is fed with samples from the plates of the guests. Not being a shy feline, he usually sits on the floor watching, melting the hearts of the customers who donate a few scraps from their plates.

I once met a lady whilst I was taking a photo and she laughed and said, there are two of them.

“Two of them, are your sure?”

“Oh yes, they are probably twins, from the same litter. They are the same colour with the same markings.”

I once made a remark at the meat counter about the supermarket cat and the assistant, who I know quite well, told me that this feline had moved in more or less and leads quite a spoilt life, although knows his place and never enters the food department. She said nothing that there were two. It seems the supermarket cat(s) actually have a real home near to the supermarket: there are many houses in the area. Sometimes I see a disappearing red tail descending the stairs to the ground floor gardening department. The felines know their way and manage quite well with the staircase.

Just before Christmas Mr. Swiss and I did our last minute shopping at the supermarket. We were finished, although I was in the flower department in front of the entrance before we left, choosing a nice orchid as they had a special offer. Mr. Swiss was waiting outside and I joined him before we made our way to the car. He was smiling and could not wait to show me the fruit of his camera efforts. We both always have a camera with us when we leave the home, you never know.

It was a success, Mr. Swiss saw both of the felines and took a quick photo before they left for territories unknown, so here they are together in the picture. The felines were taking a walk to the car park on their way home. A rare capture, I had never seen both of them together.

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