Daily Prompt: All Grown Up – in a feline way

When was the first time you really felt like a grown up feline (if ever)?

Tabby in the bathroom

“Mrs. Human, that’s me in the bathroom sink. I must try that out again.”

“Don’t bother Tabby, you would not fit.”

“That’s true, my legs need more room. Was I a kitten then?”

“No your kitten years were gone, you were a young cat.”

“I remember, they were my journeyman years, when I was active and ready to go.”

“Yes Tabby, and sometimes you disappeared for almost a complete day. I was worried and went on a search, but you were too busy with other things, although I never really found out what you was doing.”

“That is not a mystery Mrs. Human. You follow the scent of mouse or bird. I caught many mice in my younger years. Just sitting with your paw in a suspicious hole in the ground and wait until you feel the vibrations in your whiskers. Oh, those were the days. Many was the mouse I caught unawares. Birds were not so easy, so I compensated by a leap to a passing butterfly. They are really tasty, a gourmet meal if there ever was one.”

“But Tabby, they are so pretty and colourful.”

“Who cares Mrs, Human, and we godly felines are colour blind, so we do not share our colour appreciation with humans. Yes those were the days, young and agile.”

“And now?”

“Even we felines feel our age Mrs. Human. I let the butterflies fly and my bird catching days are now filled more with bird watching, but the thought of the chase is still in my whiskers. I remember my litter sister Nera, although she was technically a half sister, our mother did not take it so serious with the tom cats. Nera would give me advice how to catch a bird or mouse.”

“But Nera is no longer here.”

“Yes she left us for the eternal corn chambers. They wanted to send her to the rainbow bridge, but she did not want to sit around and wait until I joined her and Bastet our chief, decided her talents would be more useful keeping the corn free from vermin. Nera loves the job, she can eat all she catches, and is the boss of her section.”

“How comes you know all that?”

“Mrs. Human we are felines. Telepathy is one of our talents.”

“But Nera is no longer amongst us.”

“She might not be amongst you, but she is still giving the orders. What did you say Nera, don’t bother, humans are an inferior example of animal life, so just humour her. OK Nera, will do. Would you have a couple of mice, or perhaps a nice fat rat spare for dinner. Oh, fine, just throw it down here during the night, we don’t want the humans to notice. They get all funny when they see transparent felines walking around.”

“Tabby were you talking to Nera?”

“Of course.”


“Forget it Mrs. Human, and now show me some kitten photos, I love looking at my baby pictures.”

Daily Prompt: All Grown Up – in a feline way