Daily Prompt: To Be Resolved – from a feline point of view

We’re entering the final days of 2014 — how did you do on your New Year’s resolutions these past 11.75 months? Is there any leftover item to be carried over to 2015?


“Fluffy, Tabby, did you make any resolutions this year?”

“Do what?”, they both answered in unison.

“Resolution does not exist in meow” answered Tabby “we cannot improve on something that is already perfect”.

“Yes, Mrs. Human” continued Fluffy “we never do anything wrong, so why should we resolve and that is the reason why the word “resolution” is not included in meow.”

“Felines I have a sneaky idea that anything that does not fit into your perfect feline world is explained with “does not exist in meow”. Does tuna fish, mouse and bird exist in meow: just wondering.”

The two felines put their heads together and I heard quiet meow murmuring, now and again a hiss.

“Mrs. Human, tuna fish, mouse and bird come under the category of “instinct”.” they replied together.

“Instinct is a word we humans use for things that we cannot explain. Is it the same in meow?”

“No Mrs. Human” said Tabby “instinct in meow means just do it when you feel a twitching in the paw and ears and whiskers. You see a mouse and you pounce. Let it go and pounce again. Eventually the idea is if it is still moving, kill it and eat it.”

“That is not very nice.”

“Of course it is Mrs. Human, we put it out of its misery. It is the same with bird” continued Tabby.

“Oh yes Mrs. Human, we felines love bird, but only the small ones. The big ones are tough and might even fight back” was Fluffy’s answer.”

“But the birds are so sweet. How could you?”

“Mrs. Human, do you eat chicken or turkey?”

“I quite like it, yes.”


“What, exactly.”

“Your Instinct is buying the birds in the supermarket and our instinct is to feel the twitching in the paws, a sniff in the air and wait and stealthily sneak up on the victim.”

“My turkey and chickens are not victims, it is food.”


“Yes Fluffy”

“I don’t think Mrs. Human understands the feline instinct.”

“No problem Fluffy, she does not have to, that is our secret. Let her enjoy her roast chicken and turkey and we enjoy the hunt and the instinct.”

Daily Prompt: To Be Resolved – from a feline point of view