Daily Prompt: Final Trio – in a feline way

For our final trio prompt of the year, write about any topic you wish, but make sure your post features a bookcase, something cracked, and a song you love.


“Fluffy, what are you doing sitting on the piano?”

“I am waiting for Tabby, we are going to rehearse some Catmas carols.”

“Hello Mrs. Human”

“Hello Tabby, Fluffy was telling me you both will be singing Christmas carols at Catmas. Have you decided what song it will be.”

“What do you think Tabby. I was thinking about one those Christmas carols, like “Hark the Herald Cats are singing” or perhaps “We wish you a merry Catmas”

“I am not sure Fluffy, the humans don’t know the words, so they will not be able to join us.”

“Of course we know the words, felines, but just our own words.”

“Yes, but can you sing it meow? It is Catmas and we sing our songs in meow. I was practicing this morning, but you did not seem to recognise the melody.”

“Fluffy, you mean that noise I heard when I was sleeping that woke me up. That was not singing, that was more a cry of despair, wanting to wake me to keep you company.”

“I was practicing Mrs, Human. You have to have a loud clear meow to ensure that people will listen. I even cracked a cup with my refined high tones. Listen ……….”

“No, Fluffy, please not, a glass just cracked in the kitchen. Your high cees are a little too high for human ears.”

“But Mrs. Human, Fluffy and I were thinking we could go singing for the other cats. We could carry an empty box between us to collect the tins of tuna fish.”

“To collect what????”

“Mrs. Human if humans go singing Christmas carols, they are given money, or something Christmassy. We felines cannot use money, but a tin of tuna is just as good.”

“That is not the idea of Christmas or Catmas. You sing for the delight of other people and not for profit”

“We are felines, and the word “delight” does not exist in meow. We take what we can get.

“I give up. What are you going to sing?”

“We decided on something a little modern, it is No. 1 on the meow hit parade. Listen”

“That doesn’t sound very much like Christmas.”

“But it is Catmas, so Happy Catmas Mrs. Human.”

Daily Prompt: Final Trio – in a feline way