They’re here

Blackbird 90“Fluffy, look, they are here again. Our days of vitamin pellets are disappearing. At last something to sink your teeth into.”

“Yes Tabby, the boring days of bowls with brown bits and pieces are gone.”

“What are you two felines talking about? Your food will be served as usual, with a little tuna fish in between if you are good.”

“No problem Mrs. Human, the meals on wings have returned.”

“Tabby, Fluffy, what are you talking about? There are no meals on wings, that is a blackbird.”

“Call it what you want Mrs. Human, but we have an alternative source of food during the Winter months. Vitamin pellets are OK, but a nice fresh winged dinner is much more interesting.”

“Felines they are not meals on wings, but birds and you will leave your paws and jaws from them. I will be putting up the bird feeder tomorrow and put some food on the ground. The weather is getting colder and it might soon snow. The poor little birds have less to eat in winter.”

“Yes, true Mrs. Human. All the more that we sweet little felines have a food supplement. Both Fluffy and I are looking forward to the food table, so feed them well Mrs. Human.”

“Food table?”

“Errr, for the birds of course. We can’t have our lovely winged dinners birds getting thin. We want them to get nice and fat and stay healthy. Fluffy and I are both looking forward to the food table feeder, aren’t we Fluffy.”

“Ouch, Tabby you don’t have to poke me with your claw. I know what you mean.”

“Felines, I also know what you mean and if I see one of you within paw distance from a bird I will stop your tuna fish ration for a month and strike catmint from the meditation hour. Is that clear?”

“Of course Mrs. Human. Neither Tabby nor I, Fluffy, would dream of stealing one feather from the meals on wings the birds that will be gathering on the seed table.”

“No Fluffy, of course not. but perhaps one might just drop from the table if we feline shake it enough with our paws.”

“Think of your tuna fish ration, that is all I have to say.”

“Yes, Mrs. Human. “Fluffy, let’s wait until she goes out shopping and then we will pounce.””

“Felines I heard that.”