The Supermarket Cat

Migros Cat
Here she or he is. We will call her she. I see her every time I visit the local supermarket. Sometimes she just lays outside watching the shoppers go bye. At the moment she is quite happy to sit beneath the Christmas tree that stands at the entrance. The entrance doors are automatic and made of glass. This morning I watched a she waited. Customers were entering and leaving but she sat on one side just waiting an then she pounced. There was a small space so she threaded her way through the doors heading to the restaurant which is near the entrance.

She usually watches and waits until she finds suitable victims that have settle on a table with food. How could anyone resist not donating a few crumbs for the benefit of a hungry begging cat. Looking into her eyes you can see the determination. After the restaurant visit she finds the stairs to the lower floor: the gardening department and sports department. She overcomes three flights of stairs to arrive, but cats being agile have no problem, I have a strong feeling she sniffs catnip in the air from the plants being sold, who knows.

She does not live in the supermarket, although has almost been adopted and she has not yet discovered the real paradise on the first floor, the butchers. I think she would have a problem with that department, entrance forbidden for cats. She lives somewhere in a house near the supermarket probably, but she is very independent.

Migros Cat

10 thoughts on “The Supermarket Cat

  1. More likely to be a male – head looks quite tom-like to me and besides – the reds are mainly male. There is the odd red female. But most gingers are male, when we are talking cats. From a website:
    The ginger gene changes black pigment into a reddish pigment. The ginger gene is carried on the X chromosome. A normal male cat has XY genetic makeup so he only needs to inherit one ginger gene for him to be a ginger cat. A normal female is XX genetic makeup so she must inherit two ginger genes to be a ginger cat. If she inherits only one ginger gene, she will be tortoiseshell with some ginger areas and some black/brown areas.

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