Daily Prompt: Mid-Season Replacement – The Return of the Leaf Soldiers

For many of us the seasons are changing, bouncing unpredictably between cold and warm. Are you glad to be moving into a new season, or wishing for one more week of the old?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SEASONS.


“You have a problem Tabby?”

“Mrs. Human, where are they, have we at last liquidated them? Each year they arrive to torment us until we kill them, only to return again.”

“What are you talking about Tabby?”

“The Leaf Soldiers of course. They hang on the trees waiting through the Summer. Then they are green but slowly turn brown and fall upon us, attacking where they can. Last year I managed to catch at least twenty. I jumped on them with all four paws, squashed them and they were dead, stopped moving, never to return. I am waiting Mrs. Human, but so far there have only been one or two, the advance troup.*

“Ah, Tabby, you mean Autumn.”

“That might be the human name, but in meow they are The Leaf Soldiers. They torment us, drawing us out, until we are ready to fight. “

“Sorry to disappoint you Tabby, but they only fall from the trees when they are dead. They lose their colour, the stalks break and the wind carries them until they reach the ground.”

“No, Mrs. Human, they are alive. They lay on the ground waiting to ambush us. Suddenly they rise up, make twirls in the air and they drop on your head. That is when it can become dangerous, but we felines are ready for their attack. We have a plan. As soon as they move we jump and clap our front paws together. Then they die in our paws. Some of them escape but we pounce with all four paws and they are crushed never to return again. So where are they? The weather is now right for their approach.”

“Just have some patience Tabby. Some have fallen but not so many. The weather has been very mild up to now, but they will fall. They fall every year sometimes earlier, sometimes later.”

“Look there is one approaching, I must go.*

And with that last comment Tabby was off to the attack and afterwards there were five dead leaf soldiers on the ground. They had drawn their last breath for this year.

“Did you see that Mrs. Human, I killed them. They will never return again until next year. I must now go and scratch five notches in the tree trunk to show I was the winner. I must tell my bossy sister Nera and our apprentice Fluffy. I cannot wait to see the jealousy in their eyes.”

Daily Prompt: Mid-Season Replacement – The Return of the Leaf Soldiers

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21 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Mid-Season Replacement – The Return of the Leaf Soldiers

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  7. Tabby is such a clever cat indeed. I want him here for this ever-falling leaves we have here for sure. It doesn’t matter whether it’s summer or autumn, winter or spring – the leaves here are very, very cheeky and I think Tabby can teach them a lesson or two and maybe they will only wait for Autumn. 😀


  8. As a frequent visitor to my site (very much appreciated) I need an opinion. In the past week I’ve developed another site with Blogger. I’ve gone to the “dark side” and made it more commercial (offering products I’ve used or read) through Amazon. At present it is an experiment. I’ve posted some older stories to start with. I’d like for you to visit and render a thought or two or word or two. Here’s the link: http://jitterygoat.blogspot.com/
    Thanks much.


    • I find it a very good site that you have created on Blogger. I am not so much into the commercial side of things, so I so not really know how it will work. I also have a site on Blogger, for many years, it was my first and I have maintained it, but really just for back-ups of my WordPress stuff. I was disappointed when Multiply closed down and many refugees from Multiply transferred to Blogger at the beginning, so I still had contact with them and I wanted to have a backup on Internet. Perhaps you could fix a “follow” button on your bloger site for visitors to click. they are then on the latest developments. I would have a look at the tools Blogger offers, perhaps there is something there you would like to use. You can always find me on Blogger by clicking on the icon on my Angloswiss site.


  9. You would have LOVED this book I was looking at earlier today entitled “Cats.” It had so much information about felines of all kinds and this special coffee table style book I was borrowing from my brother also had beautiful photos of almost every breed of cat. You would have spent all day with it, I’m sure!
    This is a very sweet post. Autumn and cats; how can one go wrong?! 😉


  10. This was so beautiful… Nera, Tabby and Fluffy deserve their own best-seller trilogy! I’m going to save this post forever in my favs and also share it with my friends, I loved the Leaf Soldiers and how you wrote it 🙂


    • Thankyou. My felines are now progressing into their senior years and Nera is no longer with us. I enjoyed writing these stories, but must admit have not written very much for this site for some time. Perhaps I will start again, otherwise I have some cat stories integrated on my main site


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